Welcome to the 2020 QBioS Hands-on Modeling Virtual Workshop

Epidemics profoundly impact humanity, from the Spanish flu of the early 1900s to the current COVID-19 crisis. Computational modeling can help us predict and interpret the behavior and spread of such epidemics, helping to develop key, public health interventions.

Are you a graduate student, scientist, or faculty member interested in studying and participating in this vital area of modeling? If so, Professor Joshua Weitz and the QBioS first year cohort encourage you to apply to our 2020 virtual (but hands-on!) epidemics workshop. It will feature:

  • A lecture on the core principles behind infection and disease spread.

  • Hands-on tutorials for implementing computational deterministic and stochastic models of epidemics, we will support Python, Matlab and R.

  • Final discussion on current challenges: from small models to large-scale interventions.

Basic coding experience is required, if you are not confident about your skills or would like to learn, we will upload introductory programming tutorials(Python, Matlab and R) so everyone can join us for the workshop.

Application is now open! We will provide same-day (online) support for coding, all workshop material will be available for download!