2017: Stochastic Gene Expression

2017 Hands-on Quantitative Biosciences Modeling Workshop: Stochastic Gene Expression in Cells


Dates: May 22-23, 2017

Instructors: Prof. Joshua Weitz (GT, Biological Sciences, Director of QBioS) & the inaugural cohort of the QBioS Ph.D.

Do you want to integrate computational models of living systems into your research or courses, but have limited (or no) prior modeling experience? Director Joshua Weitz & 1st year PhD students in the QBioS graduate program at Georgia Tech invite you to join us for a two-day, hands-on workshop intended for PhD students and instructional faculty in the life sciences. The workshop will feature:

  • Discussion of recent biological advances in the analysis of mechanisms underlying stochastic gene expression.

  • An introduction to basic programming concepts in MATLAB and Python.

  • A hand-on tutorial with practical exercises in modeling stochastic gene expression in cells, with dual instruction in both MATLAB and Python.

  • Interactive discussion of ways to integrate stochastic models into problems at other scales of living systems.

Programming Languages: MATLAB or Python

Skill Level: No Prerequisties